How to choose the perfect deck of Oracle Cards?

A quick search of the internet for oracle cards reveals a dizzying number of choices. How do you find the perfect deck for you? For myself it has always been "do the cards resonate with me?" Most of the time when I am choosing a deck it is the beauty of the illustrations on the cards that first draws me in but it is the beauty of the messages that those cards convey that ultimately convinces me to purchase them. Intuition also plays a role...if I'm not feeling it, I'm not buying it. I recently read an interesting blog post by Erin Magner on Well and Good entitled BIG DECK ENERGY: HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST TAROT OR ORACLE CARDS FOR YOU in which she writes:

Picking a deck based on your intuition is good practice since that’s really the whole point of tarot and oracle card decks. They’re essentially designed to help you get in touch with your own inner knowing—and, some believe, the divine energy that informs that inner knowing. 

Pull a card, read the message in the guidebook. If it speaks to you immediately then your relationship with the deck was meant to be.

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